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One of Southeast Asia's most promising markets is the food and beverage industry in Vietnam. And AD Group is delighted that we consistently work with and create the greatest products to offer to clients both domestically and overseas.

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We have always established a clear goal in the creation and introduction of the highest quality confectionery goods with the best flavor, with the objective of becoming one of the top brands in the confectionery sector.

The aim of Topcake, a high-end cake brand with a wide range of high-quality product lines, is likewise to achieve this.


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Premium Cupcakes

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& biscuit

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Vietnam is currently regarded as one of Asia's highest value beverage marketplaces, with incredible growth that could see the market reach 6.67 billion USD by 2026. Moreover, Vietnam is the world's second-largest exporter of coffee. Adoré World Coffee, our own Vietnamese coffee brand with top-notch international appeal, was also introduced thanks to the financial savvy of ADG's management. ADORÉ coffee uses the highest quality ingredients from Vietnam and other coffee locations around the world, such as......, to make coffee products with an unforgettable taste. This is done with the intention to build and elevate the Vietnamese brand to compete with foreign brands at home as well as raise the name of Vietnamese agricultural goods to the global level.

Our coffee factory - Olympic Coffee was established in 2016, in Nhon Trach III Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province.   With a total area of 5.4 hectares and cutting-edge European technology to produce quality spray-dried and freeze-dried coffee. The factory intends to attain its 10,000 tons annual capacity by 2025. The factory also has a portfolio of extraordinarily high-quality and varied coffee goods, including Robusta, Arabica, and Blends in light, medium, and dark roast.

Visit to learn more about ADORÉ.



1890 - Instant Coffee


1401 - Roasted Whole Bean

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