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A Long Group has extensive experience bringing in food and drink items from international suppliers. Also, ADG also has a strategic partnership with OSK brand, a Japanese company that produces green tea.


At AD Group, we have a nationwide operation and distribution of a network of warehouses and multi-truck systems.

In order to reduce operational expenses associated with logistics, AD Group assists businesses in finding solutions to complex issues including warehouse construction costs, management costs, fuel costs, etc.


We are pleased to be able to assist your company in obtaining the highest-quality products at the most competitive price thanks to the extensive experience AD Group has in food production.


We intend to provide consumers with the highest quality goods with unmistakable origins through the establishment of a chain of convenience stores situated in the city core and easily accessible.


We are confident in our ability to develop the distribution of food and beverage items with a nationwide network of distributors because of our extensive experience in the sector of transportation and logistics. Also, AD Group assists companies in cost optimization and the fastest, most effective consumer distribution of their products.


In line with the current trend of information technology development, AD Group also creates and expands business models in the technology sector, such as software (ECOM 365).

To provide consumers with the greatest convenience possible, AD Group also operates in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

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