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Coffee Factory


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Coffee is a renowned beverage with a long-standing history. It began in 1401 with the first written records of coffee roasting. The history of coffee continued in 1890, when David Strang from New Zealand introduced instant coffee which offered a unique flavor. The Italian - Francesco Illy extended the development in 1934 when he invented a new packaging method that preserves the original alluring aroma and exquisite taste of coffee. Undeniably, coffee has become an indispensable part of people’s life throughout history, not merely a wake-up drink.

As a world-class coffee expert, Adoré acknowledges the historical values that humans and coffee have initiated together. Therefore, we present to you, the finest coffee that meets international standards, with an irresistible flavor capable of stimulating your senses and evoking concealed emotions.

Adoré establishes a close-knit bond between individuals and life through an exceptional coffee flavor that delights the world in every moment.

ADORÉ - The more you taste, the better it gets.

1890 - Instant coffee

1890 - In 1890, David Strang, owner of a coffee shop in New Zealand, invented Instant Coffee.


1401 - Roasted coffee beans

1401 - In 1401, the first coffee roaster
known as thin pans, made of cast iron or porcelain.

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