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About us

A Long Group (AD Group) was founded in 1993 and has spent the last 30 years undergoing positive and significant changes in the company development process in order to keep up with societal and market development. We will always affirm the enduring strength of reputable Vietnamese brands and will always value quality in business. A Long Group's primary activities are in manufacturing and retail distribution, logistics, information technology, real estate, and hotel and restaurant services.

Coming to AD Group, we offer services ranging from supplying manufacturing in the Vietnamese market to exporting internationally, assisting in bringing long-term development value to your brand that is sustainable and competitive.


Our company's guiding concept is to concentrate on providing customers with the greatest products, and that is also the path in which the company will develop in the future in order to be able to become a multi-industry corporation, along with ethics and professionalism in all business dealings.


As A Long Group develops, we put a lot of emphasis on operating under the following principles and core values: professionalism, efficiencyquality, and competition. To reach greater milestones, we constantly think of this as a sustainable business principle.


With a background in retail manufacturing and distribution, we shape the path to leading positions in Food and Beverage, Technology Software Development, and Real Estate - Restaurants - Hotels in the next 15 years require a combination of factors such as people, the right investment in technology, and understanding market trends.

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