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cup-coffee-with-smoke-coffee-beans-burlap-sack.jpg New coffee chains model

You will easily encounter coffee shops on the streets in HCMC: It can be a luxury shop or popular street stalls with a few plastic chairs, or a trolley. This seems to be a feature that gradually becomes the culture of Saigon people in particular and Vietnamese people in general.

Everyone drink coffee: from officers hurry to go to the company, with a loaf of bread and iced coffee in their hand or students, who quickly sipped coffee to dispel sleepiness in the early morning classes, or an elder took a small sip of the black stone coffee on the side of the road, before starting the day. Vietnamese people drink coffee anywhere and anytime.

Along with the development of coffee chains in the Vietnam market, AD Group built its own coffee brand chain called Ba.Cafe. Here, we bring you 100% pure coffee experience. Ba.Cafe's coffee cups are not only a familiar drink but also carry a cultural mission that reflects a part of modern life of Vietnamese people.

Have you ever wondered what the coffee cup in your hand went through to create such an attractive drink?

When employees bring you a cup of coffee, it's just the last step of a long and wonderful process: from choosing a suitable soil, selecting seeds to plant, tend, harvest as well as roasting ... However, more specifically, at Ba.Cafe, you can know the origin of the coffee beans you are enjoying such as the type of coffee, the origin, the process of roasting and especially that you will be more active in choosing the recipes, help you feel more secure and fully enjoy the essence, passionate taste, and aroma of coffee.

AD Group interested in the development of Ba.Cafe chain, hoping to satisfy coffee devotees. And then, the quality coffee beans will bring smiles on the lips and energy to work a long day for customers.

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