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Package Delivery

Retail convenience store chain was built by AD Group to create an advantage in product distribution. BA plus with modern and comfortable space, has created a convenient store chain that operates under the guideline "Using all the most convenient conditions to serve customers with quality products and good price".

AD Group’s partners are well-known companies in Japan, Korea and the US market... supporting each other for strong development. Moreover, AD Group perfectly meets the highest requirements of customers in terms of goods quality, origin and competitive price.

Development of convenience store chain - AD Group hopes to be able to bring quality products to consumers. Feel the love and assess exactly consumer needs, just like the way traditional stores are doing. But at, the system is operated centrally, uniformly by a single operating system. With a large scale and modernity, the chain of has been present at key locations in Ho Chi Minh City, competing in price and diversified and differentiated goods

We also promote market development for many products to become the exclusive distributor and retailer of genuine products in Vietnam. The quality of the product, competitive prices and reputation of the business are these first criteria for AD Group to choose becoming the exclusive distributor for a brand. These criteria help AD Group to bring the best value to Vietnamese consumers.

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