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Exclusive distribution of OSK
Japanese green tea

Food is part of everyone's daily life. Customers want to buy quality, healthy products. Meanwhile, manufacturers and suppliers face pressure to offer a diverse range of quality products, simplify complex supply chains, and compete on price, shipping costs.

Over 25 years of experience, AD Group has become a leading corporation that provide services to help your business expand the Vietnamese market. What we offer not only sales or market expansion, but also bring long-term value and brand competitiveness. To meet up these, we provide a full range of services for manufacturers including import and distribution, warehouse and logistics, distribution channels.


As a leading Japanese enterprise in the field of production and sales of grain-related products, OSK makes every effort to improve satisfaction of customers by building a quality management system with desire is bringing delicious, nutritious and diverse tea products to customers.
AD Group becomes the exclusive distributor of OSK tea in Vietnam. This is in a strategy to bring the best experience when consumers use our products and services.

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